Show Committee

Shade Tree K9 Events will be implementing a show committee.  We feel it will be a much more fair way of running things. While we cannot change registry or association rules of any of the groups we host shows for, we will be working on basic rules and keeping things running smoothly.
The Show Committee will consist of 5 people who are familiar with the different events we host.
Any decisions that need to be made at a show will take a minimum of three committee person to make a decision. This can be handled in a 3-way phone call if needed.
Rules will be evaluated on a yearly basis. No rule changes will be made during the show year.
All complaints/issues must be in writing. All written complaints will be discussed in a special session within 7 days of date submitted. Responses/Outcomes will be delivered in writing. No appeals will be granted. 
A show chairperson will be selected per show by location.  If you think you would like to have a show near you and be interested in being a chairperson let us know. The chairperson will have the following responsibilities. 
  •  Will be the first point of contact for Shade Tree K9 Events.
  • Responsible for finding a location for the show.
  • Responsible for finding ring stewards. 
  • Responsible for finding host hotel and host campgrounds.
  • Show Chairperson will receive up to $500.00 worth of free entries.