Trick Dog

This event is meant to be fun. You and your dog striving to reach a goal and being rewarded for hard work.  When you enter this event you will have several tricks to choose from in each division. You may do a prepared routine with your dog or just run through the tricks you have selected. If you need any special equipment to perform your tricks you will need to provide those. 

You may have someone video your performances for submission to Do More With Your Dog. Your scores/titles with International Herding Dog Association have no bearing on titles with Do More nor AKC. However, you can earn titles with Do More With Your dogs with that video while you are earning titles with International Herding Dog provided that it meets their criteria. 

Do More With Your Dogs has partnered with AKC. Once you have to Do More titles you can apply to AKC for a title with AKC. Because we have made this part of our show titles it will be judged on site. Judging of tricks for IHDA titles has no bearing on titles for Do More With Your Dog or AKC. International Herding Dog Association has no affiliation with Do More With Your Dog nor American Kennel Club (AKC). 

We suggest watching the YouTube videos provided by Kyra Sundance on YouTube. These will show you what the tricks should look like and even give you hints on training it. Click the link to go to the channel  Do More With Your Dog


Leashes: Beginners and Intermediate Trick Dog may be on the leash. The leash shall not be used to pull the dog into a trick. It is only there to keep your dog from running off. All other levels will be required to work off leash. 

Multiple Commands: The handler may give a command up to five (5) times and have five (5) attempts to complete the trick without being penalized in the Beginner class. Intermediate Trick Dogs can have four (4) attempts per trick. Superior Trick Dogs may have up to three (3) attempts per trick. Master Trick Dog and Champion Trick Dog may have up to two (2) attempts per trick. Grand Champion and National Champion Trick Dog handlers may give a command once only. Remember while you are repeating commands the clock is ticking. 

Treats: Treats and toys may be used as a reward after the trick is finished. Treats may be used as a lure, but only in the following amounts: no more than 50% of the tricks in Beginners Trick Dog class. No more than 25% of the Intermediate Trick Dog class. There will be no use of treats, toys or lures at the Superior Trick Dogs, Master Trick Dog, Champion Trick Dog, and National Champion Trick Dog classes.

Helpers: No other person may help with the trick(s).

Physical Manipulation: Handlers may not physically manipulate the do to get them to do a trick. Petting or lightly touching as a form of reward will be allowed.

Service Dogs: Some service dogs handlers will need special consideration. Altering the trick due to a handicap will be allowed. The judge's opinion if the trick is allowed as performed will be final.


You will have a maximum of 5 minutes to perform per dog. You will be judged on completeness of tricks, style, and routine. Every dog starts with 100 as a score. Judges will deduct for dogs slow to react, handler being overbearing with commands, multiple commands, and refusals. You will get a chance at the end of your routine for one bonus trick.  Your bonus trick is scored 1 to 10. That score will be added to your base score. Please see Performance General information page for overall rules.

Please have a list of tricks you will be attempting ready to turn in at check-in for the show. If you need special equipment for your routine (tricks) you will have to provide them at this point.

The PDF forms as follows:

Beginner Trick Dog form
Intermediate Trick Dog form
Superior Trick Dog form

ALL judges’ decisions are FINAL! If you have a complaint or issue with any rulings/placements please see the show committee page for instructions. 
If you feel your dog is advanced enough to fast track you may start at Superior Trick dog level. You may move back down a level at any time until you have titled at a level. Once you accept a title you will no longer be able to go back a level.
Any dog eliminating during testing will result in a disqualification (NQ)

Beginner Trick Dog

Demonstrate 15 tricks (intermediate and superior tricks count as 2 tricks)

Intermediate Trick Dog

Beginner title plus 12 tricks in the following list (superior and master tricks count as 2 tricks)

Superior Trick Dog

Intermediate title plus 10 tricks in the following list (master and champion tricks count as 2 tricks)

balance on a beam no more than 4 inches wide



drop it/give


find hidden treats

catch a disc

get your leash

food refusal/leave it

hand signals (any 3 behaviors with no verbal cues)

hoop jump

jump for joy (straight up in place)

jump over a bar

kennel up


muffin tin find

paws up on an object



roll out a mat or rug with nose

shake hands




take a bow

sit on a pedestal (bucket will work)

spin circles (either direction at least 2 revolutions)


walk on a loose leash

which hand (must pick the hand that has the treat in it)

balance on a wobble board

balance ball

barrel race (5-gallon buckets work for barrels)

baton jumping

carry my purse

close a door (can be your kennel door)

crawl through a tunnel

decern objects by name (3 objects)

fetch to hand

flyball box turns off a wall

hand signals (perform any 6 behaviors with no verbal cue)

heel at the left side, automatic sit when you stop

hide in a box

hold an object in the mouth for at least 5 seconds

honk a bike horn

jump through circled arms

ladder work on the ground

leg weave at least 4 steps

leg figure 8

newspaper (out of an open mailbox, bring the paper)

open a door (can be your kennel door, any way they can open it)

paper-covered hoop (blind jump)

pawprint painting on an easel (please bring a tarp if you are going to attempt this)

paws on my arm

pick a card from a fanned deck

place (finish to my left)

place, target mat/go to mark

pull on a rope (tug)

roll over

shell game (must nose the correct pail)

side (swing out into a circle, finish to my left)

sit pretty (beg)

soccer (push a ball, bring the ball to large to pick up)

stack hands-free (as in conformation)

teeter totter (demonstrate control)

wave goodbye

act ashamed/hide your head

back up (at least 4 steps)

bring me a tissue (fetch it only)

chorus line kicks

cross your paws

directed retrieve

distance work (any 3 behaviors 10 feet from you, ie: sit, down, bow, etc.)

double hoop sequence

get the phone when it rings (return to the handler)

go hide

head down

jump into handlers arms

jump over my back

jumping figure 8s

mailbox (open mailbox door, fetch mail)

my dog can count

paintbrush painting (handing the brush to the dog)

play dead

play the piano (keyboard)

pull a wagon

say prayers/bowhead

skateboard, front paws only

tap light/bell/etc.

tidy up toys (open box/bucket)

treibball activity

walk another dog

wipe your paws, dig, scratchy board


Master Trick dog

Superior title plus 8 tricks in the following list

 Champion Trick Dog

Master title performance repeated must include at least 6 master tricks not included in the Master title.

 Grand Champion Trick Dog

Champion Trick Title plus must defeat at least 5 dogs in one class to earn the title

bring me a cold drink (can be out of a closed cooler)

bring a tissue, throw it in the trash

climb a ladder

cover your eyes

disc vault off the handler

distance work (any 6 behaviors while 12 feet away)

double beam walk

find the object with handlers scent

football hike

handstand against a wall

hoop jump over handlers back

jump rope

leg hike (lift rear leg)

limp (walk with one leg held up)

litter in the step can

mailbox (open mailbox, fetch mail, close mailbox)


nose work box search/contraband search

object guard

open a door (using the handle)

paintbrush painting (including taking brush from the bucket)

pickpocket dog

pull a cart/sulky driving

push a shopping cart

shell game (push paw at correct pail)

ring toss

roll a barrel or peanut using front feet

roll on the barrel with all 4 feet

roll yourself up in a blanket

rolling hoop dive

skateboard (3 or 4 feet)

summersault/handstand vault

through a hoop lying on the ground

tidy up toys (including closing the lid)

weave poles


National Champion Trick Dog

Grand Champion Trick title plus must defeat at least 10 dogs in one class to earn the title

**National Champions can only be earned at the Year end show