Scent Work

  Scent work will be held in a designated search area that will not be accessible for competing handlers to watch. A staging area will be set up for handlers and dogs that are competing. Dogs in the staging area are to be kept quiet and crated until your search is up next. All dogs outside of crates will be required to be on a leash and under handler’s control. Handlers are not allowed to discuss the results of their search.

Handler’s may not search with more than one dog per class. Multiple dogs from the same owner can participate but must be shown by different handlers.

   Scent Work is open to dogs over 6 months in age at the time of completion. Females in season must be declared and will go last and wear cover-ups.    
   Only buckle collars and harnesses can be used in any scent work event. No choke collars, prong collars, or head halters will be allowed.    
   A handler brief is up to the judge’s discretion. No dogs may be present during the handler briefing.    

Faults and dismissals will be at the judge’s discretion. Faults and dismissal are not limited to but may include:
Any dog eliminating in search will result in a disqualification (NQ)
No dogs will be allowed to participate with apparent injuries, lameness or bandages.
Damaging search area
Food dropped or left in the search area


Time will start once the dog has crossed the start line of the search area. Time will end when the handler calls alert on the final hide. The handler may call alert in an area that the dog is not currently searching. 

Level  Time Limits Max Containers
Beginner  3 minutes or less 10
Intermediate 4 minutes or less 20
Master  5 minutes or less 30



  Odor certifications must be completed prior to competing in a level. Certificate of completion will be awarded after each level is completed. Championships will be given once each division is completed Beginner through Master. 
      Hides required to title High-Performance Points Certificate
  Odor Recognition Certification - Birch     1   OBC (Odor Birch Certification)
  Odor Recognition Certification- Anise     1   OAC (Odor Anise Certification)
  Odor Recognition Certification - Clove     1   OAC (Odor Clove Certification)
  Beginner Containers (Birch)     1 0 BSC (Beginner Scent Container)
  Intermediate Containers (Birch & Anise)     3 5 ISC (Intermediate Scent Container)
  Master Containers (Birch, Anise, and Clove)      5 10 MSC (Master Scent Container)
  Beginner Vehicles (Birch)     1 0 BSV (Beginner Scent Vehicle)
  Intermediate Vehicles (Birch & Anise)     3 5 ISV (Intermediate Scent Vehicle)
  Master Vehicles (Birch, Anise, and Clove)      5  10 MSV (Master Scent Vehicle)
  Beginner Exterior (Birch)     1 0 BSV (Beginner Scent Exterior)
  Intermediate Exterior (Birch & Anise)     3 5 ISV (Intermediate Scent Exterior)
  Master Exterior (Birch, Anise, and Clove)      5 10 MSV (Master Scent Exterior)
  Beginner Interior (Birch)      1  0 BSI (Beginner Scent Interior)
  Intermediate Interior (Birch & Anise)     3  5 ISI (Intermediate Scent Interior)
  Master Interior  (Birch, Anise, and Clove)      5  10 MSI (Master Scent Interior)
  Intermediate Buried (Birch and Anise)     3 5 ISB (Intermediate Scent Buried)
  Master Buried (Birch, Anise, and Clove)      5 10 MSB (Master Scent Buried)
  Points added for High-Performance Score          
  First Place       15  
  First Place without competition       10  
  Second Place       10  
  Second Place without competition must defeat at least one dog       5  
  Third Place       5  
  Fourth Place       4  
  Fifth Place       3