General Rules

General Rules;

All dogs must be currently registered with one of the registries we accept. Pending dogs will be allowed with permission from the registrar.

All participants, at check-in, must present a current health certificate that complies with the State Regulations that the Show/Trial is held in. They are not required if you are in your home State. (It's Federal Law under USDA)

Current rabies vaccination if the dogs are over 16 weeks (again law), and a copy of their shot record. Owner vaccinations are acceptable, except Rabies. If you do not have current health records/health certificate you will be scratched from the show and no refunds will be given. Dogs will not be admitted to the show area without these documents for the safety of others.

STK9 officials will measure all dogs 9 months or older to ensure they are within breed standard when the standard calls for it. The exception will be puppies under 9 months that appear to be in the wrong size class. STK9 Officials will suggest a class change. Official height will be recorded after the dog has been measured 3 times by show committee members and/or approved judges. 

Clean up after your dog in the show area and surrounding areas. Not doing so can result in you being asked to leave the show grounds.

Handlers are responsible for their personal appearance.  Jeans are acceptable. No risqué clothing, please.

Show committee or Judge(s) have the right to request that a handler, owner or spectator be removed from the show site for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Show committee or Judge(s) shall have the sole authority to excuse a dog and/or handler and /or guest from showing or being on the show grounds, without refund of entry fees shall they deem it appropriate. 

There is a 2 week grace period each side of a dogs birth date when entering the dogs class.

STK9 reserves the right to refuse any entries.

IHDA is dedicated to preserving herding breeds, dogs should look like they can do the job they are bred to do. Shade Tree K9 Events fully supports that dedication.